Proquip Sales Inc. is a Canada wide wholesaler of alternate fuel equipment.

We specialize in alternate fuel conversion for all engines to run on propane, natural gas, or both. We have conversion kits available from the smallest 1 cylinder engine, including all automotive applications, right up to the largest industrial engines and oilfield applications. Our head office is located in Calgary, Alberta, but we also have technical help available in Central Canada.


We carry the most complete line of alternate fuel products including carburetors, regulators, lock-offs, hoses, fittings, solenoid valves, and test equipment. All of our carburetors, regulators and repair parts are genuine Impco quality. We are able to help you with any engine applications and offer training to all of our product distributors.


For your automotive needs we carry the most reliable fuel injection kit available on the market. The BRC Sequent plug and drive is a fully sequential fuel injection kit that uses your factory computer to run the alternate fuel injectors. The BRC system is available for all engine sizes from 3 cylinder to 8 cylinder and can run your vehicle on propane or natural gas.